Meet The Staff

At Rocky Mountain Baldor we do our best to serve you and your needs.

Feel free to contact us at the office 303-623-0127.
If you need to email anyone, please use the following format using the names as listed below: Firstname.Lastname@Baldor.ABB.Com

Meet our Denver Sales Office

Laith Hodi — District Manager

Rick LeMaster — Outside Sales (New Mexico and El Paso, TX)
Cell phone 915-727-8000

Brian Waddell –Outside Sales (Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Grand Junction, CO)
Cell phone 303-917-6484

Eric Taylor — Outside Sales (Colorado)
Cell phone 303-910-4814

Jim Krause — Customer Service
Cell phone 303-478-2491

Jeff Schmidt — Customer Service

Kyle Lung — Customer Service

MaryEllen Gianfortone — Customer Service

Melody Kenyon — Customer Service

Deb Schnitzler — Customer Service

Diego Zarate — Customer Service

Keith Folsom — Warehouse

Meet our Salt Lake Sales Office

Rob Watkins — Outside Sales (Northern Utah, Southern Idaho)
Cell phone 801-698-1240

Robert Boyce — Outside Sales (Utah)
Cell phone 801-828-8024

Cory Anderson — Customer Service

Travis Jones –Customer Service

Mike Morgan — Warehouse